• XYO Network Community Members

  • XYO HODL'er
  • Someone who holds (owns) XYO Tokens, the Utility Token for the XYO Network.

  • XY Shareholder
  • Someone who owns XYO shares. XYO is the company behind the exciting blockchain project XYO Network!

  • XYO Community Member
  • Someone who is deeply involved with XYO Network as an XYO HODL’er or XY Shareholder, or just genuinely enjoys learning more about the XYO Network!

  • XYO Geominer
  • A person who enjoys geomining using the XYO Network. This person may use one or more of the 4 Components of the XYO Network: Sentinels, Bridges, Archivists and Diviners. Geomining can result in XYO Tokens, which are the Utility Token that is used for the XYO Network!

  • XYO dApp Developer
  • A person who creates geodapps that use the XYO Network.

  • XYO Geohacker
  • One who is part of the Geospatial Blockchain movement and part of the XYO Network community as a XYO HODL’er and participates by either as a (1) XYO dApp Developer who develops Geodapps, or (2) XYO Geominer who use ready-made XYO Geomining Kits or setting up their own.

  • Two Comma Club Member
  • Someone who owns 1 Million or more XYO Tokens! Normally, it’s expected that these XYO Tokens are purchased directly from XYO. There’s also a community-led club by the same name that prides itself on being an exclusive club for passionate XYO enthusiasts!

  • XYO Network Components and Vocabulary

  • XY Oracle Network
  • The XY Oracle Network is a vastly distributed network of interconnected devices that can deliver the data required for location-based smart contracts. It is considered an “oracle” because it verifies real-world events and submits the data to the blockchain as a trusted information source.

  • Sentinels
  • Sentinels gather location data to be given to Bridges. An example of a Sentinel might be an Bluetooth tracking device. Sound familiar? ;)

  • Bridge
  • Bridges take location data from Sentinels and pass them on to Archivists. A very simple example of a bridge might be the XYO App on your cell phone, which takes location data from surrounding sentinels (or even its own location data!) and passes it to an Archivist.

  • Archivist
  • Archivists take location data from Bridges and store them for Diviners. A very simple example of this might be a server that’s connected to the network. You can even build your own Archivist, like PizzaMind (who will be talking about Geomining on Saturday at “Welcome to The World of Geomining”!)

  • Diviner
  • Diviners take queries and fetch answers from Archivists. An example of a Diviner might be an online company like Amazon looking to check to see if their shipped product made it to a customer!

  • Geodapp
  • A decentralized application that uses the XYO Network as an oracle in its smart contracts to link the real world to blockchain applications. A simple example of a Geodapp is “Save Rasheed”, created by the XYO Sac Team. (saverasheed.com!)

  • Market and Blockchain Space

  • Smart Contract
  • Smart contracts are coded contracts that can execute themselves! Normally, the terms are already decided, and there is no middle-man.

  • Oracle
  • In blockchain terms, an oracle is the trusted source of information used to execute a smart contract. Oracles tend to be decentralized and relate to real-world events.

  • Cryptocurrency
  • A cryptocurrency is normally a digital currency in regulation, verification, and transfers are controlled by very specific mathematical functions. A big perk of cryptocurrency is that it allows buyers and sellers to communicate directly!

  • Utility Tokens
  • Utility Tokens are different than cryptocurrency in the fact that they are not strictly used as money! Utility Tokens (like XYO Tokens) are used to access or “utilize” a system. In the case of the XYO Network, XYO Tokens are used to submit queries to the network, or are given to individuals who helped produce and send the data for the answer!

  • ERC-20 Tokens
  • XYO Tokens are also considered ERC-20 Tokens, because two XYO Tokens are interchangeable. The same way that you can exchange a US dollar at a store for another dollar, a single XYO Token is considered the same as a another XYO Token. (Normally, tokens are considered ERC-20 Tokens)

  • Non-Fungible Token
  • Non-Fungible Tokens, or “NFTs” are a bit like crypto trading cards-- each one has unique data assigned to it and no two are the same! Hero Tokens and Quest Tokens that can be created and earned in the geodapp “Save Rasheed” are all NFTs!




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